Recruiting a friend to join ffxiv free Trial

FFXIV are pleased to announce that the 14-day limitation on the Free Trial has been removed and the adventure can continue for as long as you want!
Additionally, users who participated in the Free Trial but never upgraded to the full game will be able to continue where they left off with their account.
* Please note that we will be removing the limitations on existing Free Trial accounts sequentially after the maintenance has completed. If you are unable to log in right away, we ask that you wait a bit and try again at a later time.
Be sure to take advantage of the Recruit a Friend Campaign when inviting your friends so that both of you can receive rewards. Now is the perfect time to invite friends to join you in Eorzea!
how to Recruiting a friend
Step 1
Log into the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station, then proceed to the Recruit a Friend page under Your Account, where you can enter a message to be sent to your friend along with a recruitment code.
Step 2
When your friend receives your me…

Suggest For FFXIV Slight Monk rework

So it seems Monk is being left farther and father in the dust by the other DPS classes, one reason is the lack of a range move. Most runs now a days have a lot of dodging in involved and the rush move Monks have take way to long then it should to recharge.
What i suggest is giving it the same cool down as Throwing Daggers for Ninjas and dropping the stun effect. This way you wouldn't need a new skill and they could still have a decent range move.
My second suggestion is to drop the need to be in a particular spot to gain full damage. Most of the moves for Monks just add effects such as damage over time or power ups for the character, the only true damage move is the first skill in the combo. Then throw in the need to be either behind or at the side and it cuts the overall damage even more if your forced to dodge an attack.

To date Monk is about one of the only few that need to be in a particular spot.
I think Meditation / Forbidden Chakra is a good alternate to having access to a …

Question For ffxiv Patch 3.56

3.56 is the last patch before FFXIV Stormblood 4.0  in June. Correct me if im wrong but dint the final patch in ARR before HW not only add the last of the story but removed ALL the weekly restrictions from everything thus giving ppl the chance to catch up fully in equipment before the next expansion w/o having to worry about weekly lockouts getting in the way?
Will ffxiv patch 3.56 do the same or will it just be adding story and thats it?
As of now it's not the last patch, and considering the handout nature of this last 'victory' lap they may actually do something slightly different:

Confirmed so far:

- Echo added to savage, gear restriction removed
- MSQ leading into 4.0, at least some of it.
- GC Delivery updated to include stuff up until that point

Potentially added:

- Scripture tomes increased to 900/week
- Final totem bird purchases
- Dip added to Void Ark currency conversion for weapons
- Alexandrian Gear (A12 item) unlocked
- The "maybe there is maybe there isn…

suggest FFXIV to unlock Hempen set styles

As many will know, the Hempen "underwear" set (Hempen Camise, Hempen Pantalettes) is quite dramatically different depending on which race is wearing them.

I would love to see these different versions of said items "unlocked", so that any race could wear any version of the item.

This would give more ready access to something that is, in my opinion, sorely lacking for the glamour aspect of the game: More "light and simple" options for chestpieces.

I don't know how much effort the "re-fitting" for the different races would take, but I would love if this could be considered, as it would allow for a lot more variety than is currently available without having to come up with entirely new designs, per se.
As it is the hempen set is essentially a second RSE. Please bring all the different styles of the Hempen set to all races in the game.

There's already way too little variety when it comes to glams and since there's already quite a few clas…

Why ffxiv are summoners so neglected?

I mean, how hard is it to add some pets? WoW hunters has several. My elementalist in GW2 can summon more stuff than my FFXIV summoner. My warlock in WoW has more pets than my FFXIV summoner. Why is this allowed?

It wouldn't be acceptable for black mages to never get any more new spells, would it?

You neglect the job so much and then get surprised that people say that it shouldn't have been added at all. You know what? People would say the same thing about black mages if all they could use was Fire I, Blizzard I and Thunder I. No Flare, no Fire III, no anything else.
Its actually pretty easy.

Take Ifrit Egi and its skills and copy them. Then make a Shiva Egi with unique animations. Give it the skills stat-wise copied from Ifrit and replace fire aspected damage with ice.

Do the same thing with Garuda and Ramuh.
Then again with Titan and whomever we want with the tanking pet.

That's 3 new pets right there, no balance issue (I seriously doubt you can prove ice, lightning, ect …

FFXIV Crazy Mount Concept

basically, the mount concept is to not mount anything at all. just a powerful sprint with noticeable dust wake animation behind the player as he sprints at an inhuman pace that rivals mounts. that's all... of course Ninjas and different sized models would have their own unique running animation.
Make it a crafting profession, where from levels 1-59 all you make are running shoes with no stats that are only wearable by Courier job. They sell to vendors for -1 gil, meaning you actually have to pay a gil to have them taken off your hands.
Every Courier job quest has you go to the Waking Sands in Vesper Bay and talk to Minfilia. She tells you she ordered something from but it hasn't shipped yet, and she's really in a hurry to get it -- like, a new hair straightener, or Advent Children on Blu-Ray. The Amascion offices are all way in the furthest tip of East Shroud, and you have to run there on foot. Using an Aetheryte, calling a mount, boarding an airship, using …

Some make you laugh, some make you cry form ffxiv

Doing Sohm Al just now I ran into a SMN who would not use Ruin, Bio, Bio II or Miasma. The only spells he ever cast were Shadowflare, Painflare, and occasionally Ruin II or Ruin III. When asked if there was any particular reason he wasn't casting these spells he listed the spells he was casting and said the others were "level locked". He meant Tri-disaster was locked due to level sync. Even after being told he could still cast his DoTs normally and being requested to multiple times, he refused to. I don't even understand..
I had a BLM in Dusk Vigil which rotation was something like this:
Blizzard 3, Blizzard 3, Fire 1, Fire 3, Blizzard 3, Blizzard 3, Fire 3, Fire 3, Blizzard. Completely chaotic! Not even a thunder dot. I really didn't bother to stop him and explain the rotation because, based on the way he was playing A) He was not going to listen B) He was not going to correct his rotation in 1 run C) I really don't bother anymore in DF... I just do my thing…