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ff14gilhub | Take About ffxiv Roleplayers

In ffxiv website some player suggest Transfer Restrictions and Roleplayers and some player complain  RP just a way for people to hook up these days? so today we take about  ffxiv Roleplayers."Roleplaying" is a form of writing and gaming that allows the player to insert themselves or a character into an ever changing, playable world. In a sense, the player is living a second life. Roleplay (or RP) can come in all different forms: dramatic, entertaining, or even romantic. When roleplaying, it is important to know what you want to get out of the character, and most importantly, what you consider to be fun. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be the basis for our how-to. This how-to can also be applied to other multiplayer games as well.

Transfer Restrictions and Roleplayers

 Final Fantasy XIV has a thriving roleplaying community, and Balmung is its (unofficial) hub. A hub that just got neutered due to these transfer and creation restrictions coming out of nowhere with no warning.

 With the new transfer restrictions in place, any new players who wanted to roleplay on the largest server now don't have any options, and part of the problem is that there's no officially designated RP server.

 With these restrictions in place and the RP community now too large and too sedentary to coordinate the growth of another server, it'll be very difficult for roleplayers to find a community. And honestly, I don't think roleplayers want to flood an unsuspecting server's PvErs with another "unofficial" RP server.

 Some background: The RP community consolidated on Besaid in 1.0, and remained there when Besaid and Fabul got merged to create Balmung. Besaid was more or less picked out arbitrarily by community vote as the unofficial RP server.

 Balmung is saturated, both with RPers and non-RPers, hence the population problem.

The solution to this is very simple though: create and designate an official RP server, and offer free transfers to that server with no loss of assets.
It's important to designate an official RP server because one of the core causes of Balmung's overpopulation is the lack of segregation between RPers and non-RPers. RPers really only want to be on a server with other RPers, and I'm inclined to think that non-RPers don't want to be on a server with a bunch of RPers, generally speaking.R
1). One of the main reasons why Balmung is overpopulated is because it has two servers' worth of players in two broad demographics. Balmung has been host to both RPers and non-RPers ever since Besaid and Fabul were merged.
2). Providing incentive for the RP community to move is the easiest way to lower Balmung's population. Non-RPers generally don't have many reasons to transfer, whereas RPers will transfer to be with other RPers, especially if that transfer is free.
3). A new server that is designated with an "RP" tag is the ideal solution. A new server means that players and Free Companies who transfer can keep the exact plot that they own and all of their assets such as airships. It also means that an unsuspecting server's PVErs don't have to be flooded with RPers.
4). The restriction should last until sufficient people (in this case, mostly RPers) have transferred off. I know this is controversial, but after further thought, I don't think the New Server Solution would work without this. Keeping the restriction is key in removing Balmung's reputation as the "RP hub". Otherwise, RPers will keep transferring to Balmung and keep making characters on Balmung indefinitely and we end up with a pretty bad cycle. 

Player reply for
Transfer Restrictions and Roleplayers
Sadly there isn't much they can do about it except lock it up for now.
Balmung has been getting crippled as it is effectively the Moonguard of FFXIV (If you played WoW you should know what that means). It was due to get reigned in sooner or later and now it looks like they finally took the step of locking transfers to that server.
Sadly without more cross-world play, it's not going to get better for the meantime. 

SE should have taken the chance long ago to actively incentivise players to transfer or create characters elsewhere. The are already ready to give out bonuses as listed in the recent news post. Flat out locking a server is pretty bad if this is a long term thing... hopefully not past 4.0 launch. This could have been curbed quite a bit of they started last expansion or even in 2.x with how big Balmung and Gilgamesh had become.
Now it is a wait and see to what these bonuses actually are.  

Is RP just a way for people to hook up these days?
Call your old, but your remember when RP was about immersion and "living" in the world you play in. ERP was looked down upon because roleplayers didn't want to come off as creeps just looking to cyber. Now it seems to have flipped and RP is just a way for people to hook up. Everywhere your look, especially on Balmung, it seem to be full of Miqo and now Au Ra that are just looking for a "good time." Look on the connections section and it's a lot of people looking for "romance" or flat out state they are prostitutes. your know this was always around (Goldshire), but it seems to be much more prevalent and out in the open these days than it's ever been.
It honestly makes me not want to RP anymore. I'm not looking for a date or ERP... Maybe I just don't fit with the "new" RP crowd.
It's really pretty sad.
your  are really curious what your take is on this. Is this just me or do others see this too? 
First things first, know that you're not alone! I've been on Balmung for a few years now and it has most definitely been a culture shock in regards to how blatant many people are about their desire to pursue erotic and romance based role-play. Back on the WoW server I played on in the European servers it was much less common to see it given such a heavy focus.

Some people do it well, of course, but you're not wrong in believing that it can be excessive. I've been burned quite a few times due to people approaching me with an offer for role-play only to then abandon me once they realise my character isn't going to sleep with them within a matter of hours - or even minutes of meeting them.

In other cases, weeks or even months of role-play have been rendered meaningless due to contacts suddenly deciding that established connections and plot points are to be ignored in favour of prioritising their character's romantic and/or sexual exploits above all else.

Yet don't be discouraged - there's still those of us who are more interested in long term, character driven role-play that doesn't lead into rolling around in the bedroom. My advice would be to specifically keep an eye out for role-players who are eager to head out into the game world over attending 'tavern nights' or 'date auctions'.

Just prepare yourself for disappointments - and then dust yourself and renew your efforts. If the idea of heading out into the game world on some sort of adventure appeals to you, feel free to hit me up because there's a good chance that we may be able to work something out! 

A cold truth of RP is that for a substantial chunk of the crowd, they struggle with real-world social anxiety or other situations which make establishing in-person friendships and relationships challenging for them. In the world of our imagination, however, such a person can be whomever they wish, and can do what they wish they might be able to do in real life, if only they were able. For many, that's finding acceptance and love. The pursuit of romantic RP (and even sexual RP) isn't inherently creepy, it's just a coping mechanism for a lot of people.

For others, it's just one element of a fully-realized story arc. Our literature and media are replete with tales in which, even if the overall story has nothing to do with the pursuit of romance, nevertheless include characters who fall in love and deal with relationship turmoil (even if they really ought to be waiting for all of that until they've finished impeding the imminent resurrection of Carnage Emperor Zoglorth).

Your mileage may vary, but my experience has been that I get out of RP more-or-less what I put into it. That means if I want long-term character friendships and story arcs wherein the acquisition of love is but an aspect rather than a priority, I must be prepared to take it upon myself to provide that story arc, to seek out others who are of a like mind, and to keep at arm's length those who too readily seem willing to try and attach their character to mine in a manner which as her storyteller I'm not yet prepared to accept. I can't expect that others will change their behavior based on my own interests and expectations - we don't lack for roleplayers, so let them find their needs met with someone else, as I will. 

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